Thursday, September 18, 2014


Image found via Pinterest

Getting some major inspiration today from Olivia Palermo for my fall wardrobe! That is, if it ever cools off here in LA. I'm completely in love with the gray tones mixed with that pop of orange. Genius. And honestly those shoes need to be in my closet....

Olivia does no wrong; it's scary but so good. Would you guys wear something like this for fall?


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heat Wave

Romper: Spell & The Gypsy via Revolve Clothing, Bag: Balenciaga, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Booties: Acne Studios

photos by Marcus Nilsson

Just when you thought Los Angeles couldn't get any hotter...we've been going through a heat wave for the past few days and to be completely honest with you, it's been rough. Sweat ensues LITERALLY the second you step outside. In a matter of 5 minutes, my make up was in a melted pile at the bottom of my face when I walked from my classroom to my car. So what do you wear when it feels like your living in the depths of hell? The cutest romper ever created; that's what. Thank goodness for cute little items like this that make the everlasting heat a little more bearable. Click the link above to check out more cute items! 

Anyone else in the mood for sweaters? I would love to start layering soon! Bring on the cold. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Private Property

Dress c/o PIOL Dress, Clutch: Zara, Heels: ASOS

photos by Kelli Goss

So happy to share with you guys this beautiful dress that I created on PIOL Dress! PIOL Dress is an unbelievable site that allows women to design their very own dress that suits your own natural coloring and body type. They will suggest a perfect match for your coloring, but if you have your mind set on something different, PIOL offers hundreds of different beautiful fabrics and prints to choose from. PIOL provides step-by-step instructions and make-to-measure technology to create a dress that fits perfectly to your body. The site is super easy to navigate, as confusion over here. I had a wonderful experience designing my very own dress! Thanks PIOL for making me look infinitely more classy than I actually am ;) 


Sunday, September 14, 2014


 Cardigan: Topshop, Dress: Stone Cold Fox via Planet Blue, Sandals: Isabel Marant via The Outnet, Bag: Balenciaga

photos by Bethany Struble

Lazy sunday today! Time to relax and refocus.



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rompin Around

Romper c/o Lookbook Store, Sandals: Isabel Marant via the Outnet, Watch: Michael Kors

photos by Bethany Struble

This first week of school has been hectic to say the least. I realized I am not physically or emotionally ready to register all this information in my brain. In addition to the plethora of homework I'm about to endure my senior year, I have a bunch of Swedish guests staying at my house for the vast majority of the semester. Guests that enjoy partying....and let's just say I succumb to peer pressure easily when Swedes want me to party...Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for them all to be here (!!!! :):):):):D:D:D!!!)...I just like to complain about how my little self cannot handle all this stimulation. I'm still lost in summer and I'm still planning things like I'm on vacation. So thank you, Lookbook Store, for creating a never ending summer with this cute floral romper that deserves to be at the beach every single day of the year. I love it!